Back on Broadway

Your Wild Life is back in NYC! You heard about our most recent work in the Big Apple from Amy Savage, an ant researcher with our team, in late September.

And now we’re back! This time we’re on a mission to expand our studies of urban ants from the 40 sites that Amy visited this summer to over 60 locations in the medians of Broadway and adjacent urban parks (like Central Park, Morningside Park, and Riverside Park).

In August Amy plopped the ants she collected into alcohol to preserve them for later identification and further study. This time around, we’re […]

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Reading Roundup: NYC Natural History

Lately, we’ve featured a number of posts about our team’s adventures in urban ecology this last summer. Amy shared stories about the challenges of studying ants in Manhattan, Christi took you on a collecting trip to Baltimore, and Jeremy described a day-in-the life of a budding ant biologist working along Chicago’s train tracks.

In a couple weeks, we’ll be taking you back to New York City as our quest to understand the Ants on Broadway continues. We’ll share our adventures in real-time through the blog […]

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Top 5 Challenges of Studying Ants in the Big Apple!

**Get your ‘jazz tarsi’ ready, folks – Our post-doc Amy Savage recently completed a Broadway tour, and has a few tales to tell. Here’s her first in a series of guest blog posts.**

Biologists have a long history of traveling to far-off lands to understand ecology. So far in my career as a field ecologist, I have been no different. I left Montana, where I grew up, to study animals in remote tropical habitats, most recently in the Samoan Archipelago (South Pacific Ocean).

But the truth is ecology is all around […]

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Intern Diaries: Charm City Ecology

**Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting dispatches and reflections from team members who are doing ecological research in urban areas. Today, we have an Intern Diary from our undergraduate intern, Christi Mileski, describing her experiences doing “field” work on the streets of Baltimore this summer.**

When I envision the perfect job, travel, learning experiences, and the great outdoors are always involved. This summer my job offered all of those opportunities.

I worked for two different research labs in the Biology and Entomology Departments at North Carolina State University. I spent time with the Dunn Lab, an ecology group with […]

Ants and Trains: Adventures in urban field biology

*Today’s post is written by Jeremy Boeing, a rising sophomore at Lake Forest College, who has spent his summer sampling ants along Metra lines in Chicago. You might recognize him as the star of a video posted today in the Chicago Tribune feature on School of Ants.*

What exactly does it mean to be a field biologist? Perhaps the biggest difference between our work and the other biology projects happening here at Lake Forest College is that our data collection happens exclusively outdoors. In order to collect our project samples, we must physically travel to and collect […]