Exciting opportunity in the Genomics and Microbiology Lab at NC Museum of Natural Sciences

As many of you know, we partner with the awesome folks in the Genomics and Microbiology Lab at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences on a number of public science projects: belly button biodiversity, armpit microbes, face mites and soon soil microbes (as part of our new Students Discover education project).

With so much public science and more, they’re looking for a little help on the research and science communication front.

Below is an advertisement for a one-year Research and Outreach Coordinator position – They’re looking for a dynamo with a background in molecular biology, […]

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Advice for Scientists Who Want to Write for the Public

by Rob Dunn

We are working on a new book in the lab called The Book of Invisible Life. In this book, we will compile stories about microscopic species, stories written by both professional writers and by scientists. The scientists involved have been asking for tips about writing for the public and so I composed of list of suggestions. These suggestions are biased as a function of my experience and preferred writing style. They are also biased in as much as my original intended audience was scientists unaccustomed to writing for the public.

1-It is about the people. Let’s say that […]

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For the Birds

I rarely use my front door. The backdoor is just so darn convenient, being closer to the driveway and all.

Yet the mailbox is out front so once a day I pop open the front door to stealthily reach around the doorframe and grab the mail out of the box attached to the house. I don’t generally step foot on the porch. But the other day, I ventured out onto the stoop to retrieve a package and I found THIS:

Bird droppings. LOTS of them.

One’s first inclination when observing a big […]

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Biologist finds aliens in his house, admits to it in public and then asks for help

This post is also cross-posted at our friend Alex Wild’s blog, Myrmecos. Check it out to see more stunning photos of camel crickets by Rob’s graduate school office mate Piotr Naskrecki, AKA Piotr the Great.

I have to be quiet so they don’t hear me. This will be short. We know so little. I have said this before. We know so little. We know so little that you can send out a survey and when you get the responses realize you have accidentally discovered that aliens are living all around you.

[styled_image image=” http://www.yourwildlife.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/IMG_8162s.jpg” w=”450″ h=”300″ align=”right” lightbox=”yes” alt=”In Piotr’s […]