A Beetle Buffet

On Sunday evening, I was taking a stroll around my Raleigh neighborhood, enjoying the entomological sounds (Katydids! Crickets!) and sights (Fireflies!) of summer. Along the [...]

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Going on a Cicada Hunt

Last Thursday, cicada expert Dr. Chris Simon dropped by the Daily Planet Theatre at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences to talk about periodical cicadas. [...]

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Carpe Cicada!

As a kid, I never could sleep well on Christmas Eve. The anticipation of Santa’s visit  (and the pile of wrapped presents he [...]

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If you give an ant a cookie

**Today we have a guest post from Lauren Nichols about the School of Ants project. Enjoy!** When you start a large-scale project to map the [...]

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Hitting the science wall

Hey Everybody! Meet Lea Shell, our new Research Assistant, who recently joined the Your Wild Life team. Lea will be taking charge of the Camel [...]

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