Dr. Eleanor Dishes about Ants!

Looking for a new podcast to listen to while waiting for the next season of Serial? Check out Under The Microscope — available for free on iTunes — where you can even hear a friendly voice, Dr. Eleanor Spicer-Rice, discuss ants with Daniel Hill and Clint Bergeron.

Under the Microscope

Ants, with Dr. Eleanor Spicer Rice — Episode 3 

Released Feb 01, 2015

Join us as we chat with Senior Science Editor Dr. Eleanor Spicer Rice (who literally wrote the book on ants!) about an invasive ant species with a powerful sting that could be making a destructive path to […]

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Urban Cicada Safari

On September 2, as the 9-5ers emptied out of downtown Raleigh, we gathered near the State Legislature Building to embark on an urban insect adventure.

Led by Bill Reynolds, curator of the Arthropod Zoo at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, we strolled the tree-lined sidewalks of the Legislature Complex, eyes peeled and ears tuned in quest of annual cicadas.

Cicada safari commences

Unlike their periodical cousins who show up every 13 or 17 years in a given location, the annual cicadas – also known as dog-day cicadas – make a yearly […]

#KidsDoScience reprise

School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking about next year’s science fair project.

Today, Adam Hochberg reported on the new science of science fairs, a topic we feel pretty passionate about.  Have a listen — you’ll hear a familiar voice or two in his piece ;)

You may recall that last November, we convened a group of scientists, educators and Twitterati to brainstorm a list of project ideas and experiments where kids had the potential to make real scientific discoveries.

Rather than asking students to demonstrate something we already know (ie, baking […]

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Carpe Cicada!

As a kid, I never could sleep well on Christmas Eve. The anticipation of Santa’s visit  (and the pile of wrapped presents he would leave behind) always had me so giddy that I could only doze off for a few minutes (or maybe an hour or so) at a time. I’d awake heart racing, eyes popped open wide, and check the clock. 2:23am. 3:42am. 4:15am. 5:08am. The hands of time seemed to click forward so slowly. FINALLY. 6:30a. I roused my siblings and bounded down the steps to […]

Scaredy Cats

For the last 100,000 years, big critters have been hunting (and haunting) our human ancestors. Think saber-tooth cats, giant kangaroos and big snakes.

This evolutionary legacy of predation has stuck with us into modern times in the form of anxiety and the fight-or-flight response.

Halloween may have come and gone, yet the fear lingers on. Rob shares his thoughts about why we’re scared:

WBEZ 91.5 Afternoon Shift (October 31, 2012):

Slate: What Are You So Scared Of? (October 15, 2012)

Right Under Our Noses

Arthropods! In your house!

Ok, you shouldn’t be surprised. We’ve been talking about the arthropods – insects, spiders and their kin – co-habitating with us for some time now, especially since launching the Arthropods of Our Homes study earlier this summer.

To date, the team has crawled around and poked in the dusty corners of almost 50 homes throughout Raleigh.

Listen below as Elsa Youngsteadt and I join the team in progress on an exploration of one local area home (You might recognize the homeowner – Dr. Eleanor Spicer-Rice, author of the Common Book of Ants!) This is the […]

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Not All Pits Are Equal

Yesterday, Dr. Julie Horvath introduced you to our Armpit Microbe Pilot Study, known as #PitStart to those of you following along in real time on Twitter. Before we start asking thousands of you to send in smelly Q-tip’s that you’ve twirled around in your armpit, we need to work out a few methods. Namely, we’re concerned that some deodorants and antiperspirants inhibit bacterial growth – this was Julie’s personal experience when she tried to plate out her armpit microbes a few months ago.

So Dr. Julie H. and Dr. Jul Urban, the Assistant Director of the

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Arthropod Update

*Today post-doc Matt Bertone gives us an update on some of the wild, wonderful and wacky finds the Arthropods of Our Homes team has made in sampling the the project’s first 25 homes.*

For the last couple months I have been crawling around the floors, reaching for the ceilings, and spelunking in the basements (and crawl spaces) of houses to find all the living and dead arthropods that were either just visiting, or had set up permanent, rent-free residence. I have witnessed a mass fly emergence, vast insect graveyards, and countless silk-entangled spider victims. I am ready – and excited […]

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Wild Life of Our Bodies on The People’s Pharmacy (Podcast)

Thousands of years ago (and more), human beings co-existed with a wide range of other species that lived around us and even on our skin and in our bodies. Biologist Rob Dunn, author of The Wild Life of Our Bodies, stops by The People’s Pharmacy to discuss how these organisms living on us, in us, and around us not only shaped our biology in the past, but continue to have effects on our health today.

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Scientific American Podcast

Think of the weirdest creatures you’ve even seen in a sci-fi film. Now think of this: there are far stranger, albeit smaller, critters living in your own home. And Rob Dunn at North Carolina State University wants you to go on safari to find them.

Research has been done on the diversity of bacteria, fungi and other organisms that live on our skin, in our guts, even in our belly buttons. But there are other entire ecosystems that surround us. And scientists want to understand how they differ based on how and where we live. What’s the tiny life like on […]

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