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7 cool facts about drain flies and their kin

Over the last few days, we’ve received a few notes and photos (see above) from folks describing fuzzy, moth-like flies flitting about their kitchen or bathroom. So we turned to our favorite bug guru, Matt Bertone, for the inside scoop:

1. Flies in the family Psychodidae (particularly the subfamily Psychodinae) are often called moth flies or drain flies. The former name comes from the covering of hairs and scale-like hairs that give these flies the appearance of a fuzzy little moth (which can be confusing to non-entomologists). The latter name comes from one of their most familiar habitats […]

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Nightmare Creatures [of Your Home & Yard]

What is it about horror movies and monsters that intrigues us so much? I certainly love a good scare and revel in giant, blood-thirsty creatures tearing up naive teens on the big screen. And that’s what Halloween is all about – celebrating the dark side of life (i.e. death). However, I think this love affair with morbidity is the result of us being relatively large animals at the top of the food chain. I guarantee that if we were the size of most insects, horror films would be labeled documentaries. These organisms face monsters we cannot ever imagine.

The following are […]

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Stories from the Home [Arthropod] Front

I have now finished sorting and identifying critters from 21 of the 50 homes sampled during the Arthropods of Our Homes project. I have seen some extremely interesting specimens, some of which I have never seen out in nature, let alone anticipated finding in homes. Not only did we collect many interesting arthropods, but also some homes have had an extremely diverse fauna – one in particular had over 70 FAMILIES of arthropods in a single common area (including the living room, dining room, hallway, etc.)! Who knows how many species there were? Well, I hope we will […]