Lea Shell

About Lea Shell

Lea Shell is an entomologist and educator who devotes her time convincing others just how wonderfully important insects and microbes are to our lives. She enjoys playing with slime mold, ants, GPS units, climate loggers and interviewing scientists about their middle school experiences.

A visit from the garden spider

This past week I noticed something other than Brussels sprouts in my garden -- a beautiful garden spider! I did what any curious entomologist and [...]

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Before They Were Scientists: Jonathan Bujak

Dr. Jonathan Bujak (on the right in the photo above) had a reputation for causing trouble, one that started on his first day of school. [...]

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Before They Were Scientists: Anne Madden

Interviewing Anne Madden was both enlightening and entertaining, I've never before wished that a recorder would break so I could repeat an interview -- it [...]

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Before They Were Scientists: Julie Hecht

Julie Hecht began our interview by admitting she was nervous because, to her, middle school was horribly awkward. I assured her that she would never [...]

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Humans vs. Ants

This past weekend was BugFest at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh. The Your Wild Life team was on-location, chatting with [...]

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Q & A with Tyler Vitone

It's always fun to have visiting scientists come to our lab -- it gives us a chance to show off our beautiful campus and city [...]

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