Collaboration – when scientists come together to share knowledge and know-how in order to tackle complicated problems, answer tough questions and develop big new ideas – is one of my favorite parts of the scientific process.

When the outcome of a scientific collaboration is something DELICIOUS, that’s MAGICAL.

Over the last couple months, we’ve been part of a team that includes microbial ecologist Anne Madden (who will join us soon as a new postdoc), Anne’s undergraduate students, and John Sheppard (NC State’s resident beer scientist). Our challenge: find wild yeast, more specifically insect-associated yeast, that could be used to brew beer (and more specifically, beer that tastes good).

And guess what? We did it. We’ll be sampling the outcome of this scientific collaboration at the World Beer Festival in Raleigh on Saturday, April 5, from 12p – 10p.

Come on down to the Science of Beer tent: Listen to the story of our collaboration, meet some of the players (the insects, the yeast, the scientists), and taste the delicious outcome.

The Science of Beer is just one of many events associated with the 2014 North Carolina Science Festival. Check out the fun-filled lineup of AWESOMENESS taking place all over the state from March 28 – April 13.

Curious about yeast, the unsung hero of beer? Be sure to check out Rob’s blog series on the Big Story of Alcohol, Civilization and a Little Fungus.

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